Work Hard. Live Easy.

If idle hands are the devil’s tools, I won’t be making any deals anytime soon. I first cut my teeth in the rough and tumble world of local sign shops before joining the advertising industry. I’ve since specialized in visually translating brand’s stories through design and strategic campaigns.

During the summer, you’ll find me napping through America’s pastime; in the winter you’ll find me snowboarding down a snow-capped mountain; and throughout the year my entrepreneurial side keeps me busy with my business venture Seraparito Supply Co.

About My Company, Seraparito Supply Co.

This company was started for two reasons; to be a creative outlet and to spread positivity around a struggling state. Despite my expectations, the company is proving to be viable and continues to grow. I took my life savings and dumped it into a goofy idea. Now, that goofy idea is self-sustaining and allows me to keep making goofy ideas into tangible things.
From Burrito Blankets to Tortilla Coasters, you can check out all our products here: